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Beaufort Academy (BA) believes in the tripod philosophy of education, placing emphasis not only on academic success but also on participation in arts and athletics. BA encourages students to take advantage of the numerous opportunities afforded to them and to explore new experiences. While academics come first, BA students are also involved in multiple activities throughout the year, ranging from performing on stage, to participating on an athletic team, to taking the challenge offered by academic competitions.

Beaufort Academy is a coeducational, independent college preparatory school of 250 students ages 2-years old through 12th grade. Founded in 1965, BA is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and SAIS, and maintains active membership in the National Association of Independent Schools among others. It is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees of 14, whose members represent the various constituencies of the school, as well as the community. Beaufort Academy is an independent, non-profit, non-sectarian school, which admits students of all races, nationalities, creeds and socioeconomic backgrounds, and is committed to diversity.

Emphasis is on the school core values: Intellect, Integrity, Leadership, Respect, and Pride. The school focuses on small class sizes and individual attention. As a college preparatory school, BA’s curriculum and diploma requirements provide all students with courses which are expected for acceptance to colleges and universities.

Mission & Core Values

The Mission of Beaufort Academy
Beaufort Academy is an independent coeducational college preparatory school serving ages 2-years old through 12th grade. The goal is to instill in students the intellectual curiosity and strength of character for success in all aspects of their lives.  The school is committed to developing the whole person within the framework of its rigorous academic environment, core values and the Judeo-Christian tradition.  Beaufort Academy seeks to inspire in each student a sense of responsibility to one’s self, the community and the environment, so that our students are positive contributors and leaders in the future. 

Core Values of Beaufort Academy
To accomplish the above mission, Beaufort Academy believes the following core values are essential.

Intellect – intellectual curiosity is the centerpiece of the capacity to gain knowledge. Students are exposed to multiple learning styles and gain the confidence to succeed wherever they go in the future.

Respect – an environment for success should be characterized by respect for one’s self and others. The faculty and staff reinforce and model the positive impact of being respectful to others in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

Integrity is synonymous with honesty and fairness. The staff, faculty and student body work as a team to help students understand that personal integrity goes to the core of who they are and what they do. Students through observation and practice understand that integrity counts in all matters, big and small.

Leadership – students learn the importance of leadership in classrooms and on fields, courts, and stages. The curriculum is designed to offer students the opportunities and tools to identify and develop their unique talents and abilities.

Pride – the school promotes a sense of pride through celebration of personal and team accomplishments, intellectual achievement, and leadership with a deep appreciation for the unique teaching and learning potential in all of us.

As a learning community, the Academy expects continual growth and self improvement from all in the quest to model these core values. All stakeholders are expected to work together in a spirit of continuous improvement, and with strong purpose, to this end.

Message from the Headmaster


Stephen Schools smallThank you for visiting the Beaufort Academy website!  As you explore, you will get a sense of our pride in our school and all that we offer our students.  In everything we do, we emphasize and exemplify the core values of respect, intellect, pride, leadership, and integrity.  We strive to instill these values in our students and to help them become well-educated, positive citizens at BA and in the broader community.

As we begin our 50th school year, we will commemorate our rich tradition of providing a rewarding and enriching educational experience to our students and we will look to the future and celebrate all that is to come in the next 50 years. Our dedicated faculty is committed to helping each child reach his or her full potential in all aspects of school life.  In addition, we maintain our commitment to assisting each student in reaching their goals for college matriculation.  While we are rooted in a strong academic history we also continually adapt to a rapidly changing world by both broadening and strengthening our programs and curricula.

This visit to our website will help you gain insight about our great school and our warm and welcoming community, but nothing can take the place of a visit to our campus.  I invite you to stop by or call to schedule a visit.  You will see that BA offers a challenging academic program in a nurturing environment.  We look forward to meeting you.

Stephen M. Schools

Daily Schedule, Dress Code, Handbook, Honor Code

Daily Schedule:

Normal school-day times are as follows:
Kindergarten:           8am – 2:45pm (Monday – Friday)
1st  –  4th Grade:      8am – 3:10pm (Monday – Friday)
5th  –  8th Grade:     8am – 3:15pm (Monday – Friday)
9th  – 12th Grade:    8am – 3:15pm (Monday – Friday)

Visit the Important Documents page to view the Dress Code and the Blue Book (Student Handbook).

Honor Code:

It is a fundamental assumption that any work presented by students will be their own. Cheating on a test, project, homework assignment, or examination includes any case of assistance sought, received, or offered without the prior approval of the teacher. It also includes possession or viewing of notes or other materials which could give the student an unfair advantage. Academic dishonesty is considered a breach of trust punishable by severe academic consequences or dismissal.

Plagiarism is a form of cheating. It is defined as borrowing someone else’s words, ideas, or facts and passing them off as one’s own. Failure to properly credit the source of those words, ideas, or facts constitutes an act of plagiarism.

Note: Unless specifically permitted by the teacher and with the exception of foreign language dictionaries, the use of online and mechanical foreign language translators constitutes an academic violation.

As evidence of our commitment to individual integrity, each student is required to write the words “Honor Pledge” and sign his or her name on assignments which will receive a grade from the teacher. This symbolizes adherence to the honor code which states, “I pledge that the work turned in is mine alone and that no inappropriate help in any form was given or received.”

Students in grades 5-12 may be asked to sign an honor pledge form in the presence of the Headmaster or his designee. This form indicates that the student understands and respects the school’s honor system and will abide by its intent.

Extracurricular Activities

Lower School:
Activities include special music and drama performances during the year as well as field trips to plays in Savannah, Hilton Head, Charleston, and Beaufort.  Students also travel to Columbia for field trips to the State Museum and the Riverbanks Zoo to enhance topics of study and broaden awareness and knowledge. Lower School students have daily recess on the campus playground for approximately twenty-five minutes.  Aftercare and extended-day programs are open to students throughout the Lower School, on an optional basis until 5:30 P.M.  In these programs, students enjoy both structured and unstructured activities.

Middle School:  
When Beaufort Academy students reach the Middle School, an extensive program of interscholastic athletics is available.  Over 75% of our Middle School students compete in interscholastic athletics, developing themselves physically and competitively for future varsity competition and lifelong sports activities, while applying the school’s core values of Intellect, Respect, Integrity, Leadership, and Pride in a different arena from the typical classroom environment.  The Middle School offers a fine arts program with opportunities to participate in One-Act Plays, visual arts, math, and literary competitions through the South Carolina Independent Schools Association, music performances for the entire community, and other broadening arts experiences.  Clubs and student government are another important part of Middle School extracurricular life.  Offerings such as Chess Club and the new Sailing Club offer the middle school and upper school students fun and competitive opportunities to shine.

Students participate in Student Government, publications (newspaper and yearbook opportunities) and chances to write and submit poetry and short stories for literary competitions.

Upper School:  
Upper School students at Beaufort Academy lead busy and rewarding lives.  Over 75% of our Upper School students participate in inter-scholastic sports, and many benefit from the campus and community service opportunities provided by the BA Student Government and the Interact Club.  Other extra-curricular organizations include the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society, the French, Spanish, and Latin Honor Societies, the Chess club, the Math club, the Upper School Quiz Bowl team, and the Aquila (yearbook) and Eagle Insider (student newspaper).   Beaufort Academy competes as a member of the South Carolina Independent Schools Association.

Boys’ varsity sports include soccer, swimming, basketball, baseball and tennis, and eight-man football.  Girls’ varsity sports include soccer, swimming, basketball, tennis, volleyball, softball, and cheerleading.  Beaufort Academy also competes in the SCISA statewide math competition and in literary and drama competitions.  Beaufort Academy visual arts students compete statewide in SCISA competitions as well.

Upper School students are looking forward to the many opportunities available to them during Interim. We are most appreciative of the community and its eagerness in accepting our Upper School interns in their businesses, clinics, courtrooms, and offices. (Click here for more information on Interim.)

Quick Facts

Did you know…?
100% of our graduates are accepted by four-year colleges and universities. Currently, BA graduates are attending American University, Appalachian State, Auburn, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon, The Citadel, Clemson, College of Charleston/Honors, Converse, Davidson, Duke, Elon, Flagler, Florida State, Furman, Georgetown University, Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech, Hampden-Sydney, Jacksonville University, Lafayette, Lander, Old Dominion, Pace, Rhodes, Roanoke College, Rose Hulman Institute, Savannah College of Art and Design, Sewanee, Texas A&M, Tulane, USCB, USC-Columbia/Honors, University of Georgia, University of Mississippi, University of North Carolina, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Carolina/Honors, University of Wisconsin, US Military Academy, US Naval Academy, Virginia Tech, Wake Forrest, Washington and Lee, Winthrop and Wofford among others.

In each of the last five years students have received combined college scholarship offers in excess of $1,500,000 per year, including Heritage Scholars, Rotary Scholarships, Kiwanis Scholarships, Palmetto Fellows and South Carolina LIFE Scholarships.

More than 75% of our Upper School students participate in school enrichment programs including interscholastic athletics, drama productions, chess club, quiz bowl, music programs and Interact.

More than 50% of our faculty holds advanced degrees.

Class of 2014 ACT Scores
Beaufort Academy’s Class of 2014 ACT scores hit a four-year high, with the average composite scores exceeding the state averages by 24% and the national averages by 20%.  Nearly 80% of BA seniors in the Class of 2014 took the nationally-administered ACT College Entrance Exam, and averaged a composite score of 25.2.  In addition, 100% of these BA students reached or exceeded the college readiness benchmark in College English Composition, compared to 64% nationally and 61% in South Carolina.  In comparison:

Composite ACT Scores   English                  Math                     Reading                Science
BA          25.2                        26.8                        24.2                        25.7                        23.5
US          21                             20.3                       20.9                        21.3                        20.8
SC          20.4                        19.7                        20.3                        20.9                        20.4

Class of 2014 SAT Scores coming soon (September 2014).

Accreditations & Associations
Board of Trustees

Executive Committee:
President:     Charles Tumlin
Vice President:     Garrett Wreden (BA ’01)
Secretary:     Chilton Simmons (BA ’93)
Treasurer:     Jay Taylor
Member at Large: Herb Gray (BA ’83)

Jackie Adams, Keith Bass, Mark Dixon, Laura Dukes, Joe Floyd, Phillip Lynn,
Jim Matte, Eric Meek, Cecil Mitchell (BA ’99), and Courtney Worrell