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At-Home Live Instruction Guidelines & Registration


As a service to our families, Beaufort Academy will offer voluntary at-home live instruction that will allow students in grades K-12 to reenter on-campus instruction as they and their parents feel most comfortable. With enhanced technology in the classroom, students will be able to follow their schedule and join their classmates and teacher virtually during their scheduled class and experience a BA education from home. This plan will ensure that learning is appropriate to our mission and that it supports our strong community and our valued relationships between faculty and students.

This online platform will continue on Google Classroom and expectations and requirements will be the same as for on-campus peers. The live-online instruction option is not applicable to preschool voluntarily.  It is important to remember; however, this option must be requested by a parent/guardian of the student and the request for live instruction form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian prior to leaving campus.  Please note that should for any reason there be good cause (Hurricane Disaster, COVID-19 increase, etc.) for postponing on-campus instruction, the following at-home online instruction platform will be activated for all students.





  • Utilize Google Classroom thoroughly and complete assignments that are posted by the due dates for each class.
  • Login virtually to every class through Zoom.  The video component must be turned on the entire session to show involvement and attendance. 
  • Do not share classroom Zoom Meeting ID's with anyone outside of Beaufort Academy.
  • Do not enter a classroom Zoom Meeting outside of your scheduled classtime without prior approval.
  • Use your BA email address to login to your classroom Zoom Meeting, not a personal email address.
  • Participate positively and productively, while maintaining a good work ethic.
  • Students will be expected to participate in all dynamics of the class such as class discussions, projects, presentations, exams, and asking questions. 
  • Establish a routine and manage time wisely.
  • Designate a desk or table space for school instruction where distractions are limited (set aside phones, TV, music.) 
  • Be prepared. Have all technology charged and books readily available.
  • Self-advocate!  Ask questions of your teachers via email as needed.



  • Middle & Upper School: Monday - Thursday 8am to 3pm, Friday 8am to 2:40pm
  • Lower School: Lower School: 8am to 2:30pm

Live instruction schedules will match the student’s on-campus schedule. For example, if a student’s math class is scheduled for 8:00AM, the student will be required to attend the class remotely at 8:00AM. Their schedule will continue until the end of the school day.  The student will log into each successive class through the day at the scheduled time via Zoom. Schedules can be found on your PRAXI parent portal. Lower School instruction times will vary, please contact your teacher for a lower school schedule.

The only class that does not require a login is during a scheduled study hall class. MS & US Students will be required to participate in PE and Physical Conditioning via Google Classroom. Live instruction will not take place during these classes, but daily progress will be checked. Students will have a morning break and lunch which in turn is a break for at-home students. Please note that morning break and lunch times may not show up on official schedules. Middle & Upper School students have five minutes in between in class.


Students will be expected to participate in all dynamics of the class such as class discussions, projects, presentations, exams, and asking questions. Google classroom  will be utilized to assign/collect assignments and conduct assessments. Students will be accountable for the established deadlines and expectations as on-campus peers. Please note that due dates for virtual students are the same as students who are receiving face to face instruction.  For example, if a math lesson is due at the end of the class period for face to face students at 11:00AM, then that is the time that the assignment needs to be uploaded to Google Classroom.  If the work is not submitted by that time, it will be considered late and grading will reflect tardiness. It is the student’s responsibility to check his/her email daily to receive assignments from their teacher. Please note that class assignments will be sent through student emails (not parent emails.)


All assignments and class work will be posted to Google Classroom. Workflow, assessments, assignment submission will take place through the student’s Google Classroom & Drive account (docs, sheets, slides, forms, etc.) Live video instruction will take place on Zoom, the class link can be found on the student’s Google Classroom.  It is the responsibility of the student to accept and/or join each class invitation/Zoom session sent by the instructor. 



Instructors will video broadcast class through Zoom. Each classroom on campus is outfitted with a camera, and each instructor will be wearing a personal microphone that is integrated with Zoom to better suit visibility and hearing during class. Students will be able to view the instructor and white board during live instruction. In order to login, students will access Zoom links posted in Google classroom. 

Although the at-home platform will provide students with focused, measured and scheduled instruction, parents will need to assist the student with the technology component at home, including the ability to print if needed. It is important for students to have a reliable internet and video source at home. A laptop or chromebook with a camera is necessary. An at-home printer is also recommended. Ask your teacher for a sound and video check before the first day of school, and be sure your device is charged and ready to go each day. Please contact the school with any technology issues you may have.

Attendance will be recorded as though the student is on-campus.  Students must adhere to the same attendance and grading policies as on-campus students. Instructors will be taking attendance before the class starts through Zoom. The video component must remain on during the entire class for attendance credit. Attendance and grading will be posted to your Praxi parent portal:



Virtual students are expected to follow BA dress code during live instruction. All students must dress appropriately with a solid colored collared shirt and fully dressed each day. Khaki bottoms are not required, but we ask students to be presentable yet comfortable during video instruction. BA t-shirts are allowed on Fridays. Hooded sweatshirts may not be worn. Non-hooded BA sweatshirts may be worn over a collared shirt. 


Academic integrity is expected. There are many temptations when students work online, but we expect our students to do their own work and to reach out for support if they are having difficulty. Instructors have access to Google Originality Reports, a tool which enables educators to detect plagiarism in students’ work. All students must abide by Beaufort Academy’s honor pledge, and parents must digitally sign on Praxi to agree:

“The following honor pledge is to document the promise of each student at Beaufort Academy to honor the core values of INTELLECT, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP, AND PRIDE in all the student does as a representative of the school, a contributor to a positive learning environment of the campus, and a member of the Beaufort Academy Family in the spirit of all the words imply. My signature represents my pledge to uphold an atmosphere of intellectual integrity in every assignment, assessment, project, or presentation I complete as a student of Beaufort Academy.  I pledge specifically not to cheat on any test, project, homework assignment, writing assessment, or examination.  I will not seek or accept assistance beyond what is approved by the teacher making the assignment. I know this includes possessing or viewing notes or other materials which could give me an unfair academic advantage. I understand plagiarism is a form of cheating and is defined as taking someone’s words, ideas, or work, and promoting it as one’s own work. In the case of foreign language study, only dictionary usage and the use of online and mechanical foreign language translators approved by the teacher are acceptable. Any other use of such assistance not approved in advance by the teacher will constitute a violation of this pledge. Finally, I recognize academic dishonesty or the toleration of academic dishonesty in other students is in conflict with the core values of intellect, respect and integrity and constitutes a breach of trust punishable by academic consequences including dismissal from the school.”


Students selecting the live instruction option will also have access to school-wide meetings and assemblies through the platform if they occur. Students will be notified of these occurrences through ParentSquare.

Zoom has the ability to record a class and will be automatic.  If there is a need to view a recording, please contact the teacher directly. Lower school parents/guardians may request that classes be recorded to assist working parents.

If a student is unable to attend class due to illness, please contact Amy Melville, Middle & Upper School Division head and she can contact teachers, or you may contact teachers individually via email.  Makeup work policies will be utilized. 


If a student opts for at-home live instruction, they are not permitted to participate in any current sports and extracurricular activities on-campus. They may participate once they are approved to return for on-campus instruction. At-home students may participate in a club or activity if it does not require in-person attendance, such as the school newspaper & Spanish Club.


Although a family may select to rejoin the on-campus setting, a decision to return to on-campus instruction must be appealed to the Head of School and Division Director before returning back to campus. A student’s return MUST BE COMMUNICATED AND APPROVED by both parties before they return back to class. We need to be sure the classroom is prepared for the student in class, and may take a few days before finalized.


If BA is supplying a textbook, please contact your teacher directly for pick-up. Teachers may arrange a time to pick up at once. For teacher contact information, click here.

As with on-campus instruction, parents and students are encouraged to maintain active communication with the instructor regarding class questions and concerns. Students may schedule one-on-one student/teacher questions and discussions beyond the live instruction. If a virtual student requires extra help or has questions beyond what were answered during class discussion, the student can request a meeting with the teacher.  This will be handled the exact same way for students who are receiving face to face instruction.  Scheduling of extra help will be arranged with the teacher. As always, please reach out for support if they are having difficulty. 

Communication is key to our success in virtual learning.  If there is an issue, please let us know! Emails are linked.

Questions about a particular assignment or class:

Questions or concerns about your child’s virtual learning experience and/or notification about your child being absent from virtual class: 

Questions or concerns about your child’s illness and eligibility to return to school:

Issues with technology platforms, student devices, or email/data edits:

Additional support for your child: