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Thank you for your interest in Beaufort Academy! Selecting the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make for them. We are delighted that you are considering BA.

Voted Best Private School in the Lowcountry, Beaufort Academy is home to over 315 students situated on two intimate campus environments; Preschool Campus (Pre-K2, Pre-K3 & Pre-K4) and Main Campus (Kindergarten through grade 12). Through comprehensive and personalized instruction, BA seeks to inspire in each student a sense of responsibility to one’s self, the community, and the environment so that our students are positive contributors and leaders in the future. 

For over 55 years, Beaufort Academy is committed to developing well-rounded critical thinkers within the framework of its five core values, rigorous academic curriculum and wide range of athletic and extra-curricular opportunities.

We appreciate you taking a moment to complete our online inquiry form below. We are eager to learn more about your child, your family and look forward to sharing more about BA and how it could be the right fit for your family. To get started, please fill out the form below and a member of our Admissions office will will follow-up with you promptly.

Open enrollment for the 24-25 school year is now open. We accept mid-year enrollment based on class availability. Please note if you are looking for immediate enrollment or for a future date. An online application and fee is the first step in the admissions process and recommend you start as soon as possible. 

Contact Lisa Gallagher, Director of Admissions at [email protected] with any questions. If you would like to be notified of future enrollment events, be sure to note the year below to be added to our email list. 

*Please complete an inquiry for each child you wish to enroll at Beaufort Academy.
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We look forward to sharing the BA experience with you!
Lisa Gallagher, Director of Admissions[email protected]
(843) 524-3393 ext. 246
Main Campus Address (K-12)240 Sams Point Road
Beaufort, SC 29907
Preschool Campus Address (PK2-PK4)
7 Fairfield Road
Beaufort, SC 29907

Please submit an additional inquiry if you wish to enroll more than one child at Beaufort Academy. Thank you!
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