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How to Apply

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For the safety of our students and staff, campus tours will only be given while school is out of session.

Beaufort Academy’s admissions team will work with you to set this up.
We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Reach out to Director of Admissions Becky Bekemeyer directly, feel free to call her at (843) 524-3393 (--> 2 --> 1 --> 7) or email


The goal of our admission process at Beaufort Academy is to help parents make the best educational decisions possible for their children. We work closely with families to assess each applicant’s needs and abilities as well as to determine if we are the best match for each child.

Because class sizes are limited and the program is advanced for all grades, admission to Beaufort Academy is competitive. An application is the first step in the admission process for each student.


The process is simplest for applicants to the Pre-K and Kindergarten programs who visit the school and take part in basic assessments that help determine readiness to enter the next grade level.


The admission process for grades 1-12 is more comprehensive and includes the application, teacher recommendations, an entrance exam, an interview and demonstrated success in the previous academic year.


While the admission process may vary slightly according to the age and grade of each child, admission at Beaufort Academy typically includes the following steps:

  • A completed online application and application fee of $100
  • A campus tour and visit with the Admission Committee (parents and child)
  • A readiness screening (early childhood classes) or admission test (grades 1 and up)
  • A letter from the parent(s) telling us about your child, what your hopes and expectations are for his/her time at BA, and any special needs of which we should be aware
  • Receipt of official transcripts and teacher recommendations from the applicant’s current school
  • A decision to accept, waitlist or deny the application from the school’s Admission Committee


Please note: While all students complete the same rigorous curriculum, we recognize some students with distinctive learning styles may need a few additional services in order to fully engage in a meaningful learning process, effectively utilize the best components of their distinctive learning styles, and productively pursue BA’s curriculum. Such services may be accessed through our Achievement Center.

Note: Beaufort Academy does not create or accept Individual Educational Plans “IEPs” or other documents mandating special education plans.

If you have any questions, please submit an inquiry or contact our Director of Admissions:

Becky Bekemeyer
Director of Admissions
(843) 524-3393 ext. 206
Fax: 843-524-1171


Please click below to complete the online application:

At this time, many of our classes are currently on a wait list. We recommend that you call or email the admissions office before submitting your application online.
Thank you!

Please download the following Teacher Recommendation Form below:
Teachers should return the form directly to Beaufort Academy when completed. Directions are listed on the form.