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Choosing an independent school is an investment in your child’s future.  A few of the many advantages of sending your child to an independent school are high academic standards, individual attention, an inclusive environment, and a lifetime of dividends. See below for Beaufort Academy's flexible tuition options.


Financial aid is available based on demonstrated need and available funds. Families requesting financial aid information should contact the Admissions Office and apply online at School and Student Service for Financial Aid at their website .

Pre Kindergarten age 2 only (3 half days)........$4,450
Pre Kindergarten age 2 only (3 full days)..........$5,900
Pre Kindergarten (5 half days 8:00-12:00)........$5,700
Pre Kindergarten full day (8:00-2:45)..................$8,700
Lower School (Grades K-4)...............................$9,200
Middle School (Grades 5-8).............................$10,600
Upper School (Grades 9-12)............................$11,900

A 5% deposit is required with the enrollment contract by March 31st. The deposit increases to 10% beginning April 1st. Current families who are not carrying a balance can pay a flat rate deposit of $250 during the reenrollment week of February 12-16, 2018. (All deposits are nonrefundable)

A $300 deduction is available for the first sibling attending Beaufort Academy. A $500 deduction is available for each additional sibling attending Beaufort Academy. The Capital Assessment of $450 will be waived for Dependents of Active Duty Service Members of
the United States Military.

Beaufort Academy accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover for tuition and fees. A convenience fee will be charged to the credit card user by the credit card processing vendor . The credit card processing vendor can also be set up to draft your bank account. Other payment options include cash or check.

Tuition Refund Insurance
The premium is 2.1% of the full tuition. Insurance is required unless the
tuition is paid in full by June 1st (Plan A). It will be billed to your account. Note: Insurance is optional with Plan A. Please see the Tuition Refund Insurance attachment for more information on the plan.

Capital Assessment
The fee is $450 per family per year.

Lower School book fee is included in the tuition. Middle and Upper School books are purchased as needed from an online vendor.

Sports Participation
The fee is $50 per sport, per student.
For families wishing to make two separate payments (Plan B), there is a fee of $150, half due May 1st and the balance due November 1st. For families wishing to make monthly payments (Plan C), the fee is $250. It is billed monthly in equal installments. The 12 month billing cycle runs May-April.

Student Accident Insurance
Students may purchase annual accident insurance for $25. (see attached forms.)
Technology Fee
$250 Grades 1-4
$425 Grades 5-12
The fee is billed on the same schedule as tuition.
Please review the following options carefully before selecting one for your enrollment contract. All contracts must indicate which plan has been selected.


We offer flexible payment plans and FLEX tuition to meet each family's needs. If you have further questions, please contact the Business Office.

Deposit due at enrollment, with the remainder balance due by June 1, 2018 (or month of enrollment).

  •  Other fees (books, aftercare, etc.) are due on the first of the month following billing.
  •  Tuition Refund Insurance is optional, but recommended.

Deposit due at enrollment. Half of remaining tuition is due May 1, 2018 (or month of enrollment), and the balance on November 1, 2018.

  •  Other fees (books, aftercare, etc.) are due on the first of the month following billing.
  •  Tuition Refund Insurance is required.
  •  There is a $150 processing fee.
  • Auto-draft payment required.

Deposit due at enrollment followed by monthly payments beginning in May, 2018 (or month of enrollment), and continuing through April, 2019.

  •  Other fees are due on the first of the month following billing.
  •  Tuition Refund Insurance is required.
  •  There is a $250 processing fee.
  • Auto-draft payment required.

**NOTE: A 1.5% late fee will be assessed monthly on any past due amounts.