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Mission & Core Values


Beaufort Academy’s mission is to instill in students the intellectual curiosity and strength of character for success in all aspects of their lives. The school is committed to developing well-rounded critical thinkers that are prepared to be the problem-solvers and “Leaders of Tomorrow” within the framework of its rigorous academic environment and core values. Beaufort Academy seeks to inspire in each student a sense of responsibility to one’s self, the community, and the environment so that our students are positive contributors and leaders in the future.


To accomplish the above mission, Beaufort Academy instills the following five core values which give our student body a solid foundation to carry with them into the future: Intellect, Integrity, Leadership, Respect, and Pride.


  • INTELLECT: Intellectual curiosity is the centerpiece of the capacity to gain knowledge. Students are exposed to multiple learning styles and gain the confidence to succeed wherever they go in the future.

  • RESPECT: An environment for success should be characterized by respect for one’s self and others. The faculty and staff reinforce and model the positive impact of being respectful to others in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

  • INTEGRITY is synonymous with honesty and fairness. The staff, faculty and student body work as a team to help students understand that personal integrity goes to the core of who they are and what they do. Students through observation and practice understand that integrity counts in all matters, big and small.

  • LEADERSHIP: Students learn the importance of leadership in classrooms and on fields, courts, and stages. The curriculum is designed to offer students the opportunities and tools to identify and develop their unique talents and abilities.

  • PRIDE: The school promotes a sense of pride through celebration of personal and team accomplishments, intellectual achievement, and leadership with a deep appreciation for the unique teaching and learning potential in all of us.

As a learning community, the School expects continual growth and self improvement from all in the quest to model these core values. All stakeholders are expected to work together in a spirit of continuous improvement and mutual support.


The five core values of Beaufort Academy: respect, integrity, leadership, intellect, and pride, are at the heart of all we do at the school. Each year a student is recognized for exemplifying one of these core values. The five students who are recognized have their name along with the value demonstrated inscribed on a brick and placed in the courtyard at the center of campus near the memorial fountain for our late Headmaster, Randy Wall.


As part of our current strategic plan, we will design and implement a series of grade level experiences that will be geared towards character development and personal growth.   These programs will include topics such as: respect and acceptance towards all, personal reflection and growth, and the challenges of growing up in today’s world.


We will also build on our cross-aged mentoring programs and have older students working with younger ones on life skills and academic skills. These opportunities will help prepare our students for their futures beyond academics and the classroom and help them attain self-knowledge and self-respect.