Eagle Eats

Eagle Eats

Beaufort Academy's lunch program, Eagle Eats, is available to students in K-12th grades. We pre-order lunch for students through local restaurants. Please note that we offer a few lunch options if your child forgets to bring lunch. If you wish to order lunch for your child, parents must fill out a form online every month with your desired food choice. 

Here are all the details you need to know about ordering lunch for your BA student. 

    If you are a preschool family, you have the option of ordering lunch on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays are Chik Fil A, and Fridays are Upper Crust pizza. This order is placed at the beginning of the year for the whole year. Please fill out the paper form that you will find in your new student folder, or you can find the order form in the sidebar.
    If you are a preschool parent, you can stop reading here. :) 
    BA Main Campus lunch offers a take out order from local vendors each day, as well as daily snack counter offerings at break (Middle and Upper School only) and all campus lunch.
    A handy dandy monthly schedule for you to print and put on your fridge is in the side bar. We recommend you print it and circle the days you order for your child while you are filling out the order form so that you can see at a glance each day which days you have ordered lunch. (anything to make the morning rush out the door easier!)  
    Takeout orders for the Eagle Eats entree are placed monthly through your parent portal.
    This is different from last year where lunches were ordered through diamond mind.
    Now, you will order for the whole month at a time, in advance and much easier through your parent portal for each child on main campus.
    A regular email reminder will come out each month from Juliet Harvey letting you know what the offerings are, and give you several days to place your order for the following month. Although our vendors will not change, their offerings will. The monthly ordering system allows us to change up the menu with our vendors to keep our offerings fresh for our students.

  • Please log on to your parent portal.
  • Select Lunch
  • Lunch pre-order
  • Select your student "your student"
  • Click Menu
  • Add your items to the cart
  • Pay for cart
  • Order is placed and will remain on account for reference! 
    A few necessary Eagle Eats ordering rules & advice: 
    • Click on "Lunch" and select "PreOrder". If you have more than one student, please select the student you are ordering for from the drop down menu. Then click Menu. Check the desired items and click Add to Cart. All lunch orders must be paid for at the time of selection.
    • All orders must be made in advance, through your parent portal and BlueFin. No paper orders will be accepted.
    • All orders are non refundable. However, if your student misses a pre-ordered lunch, the kitchen staff will keep his or her lunch for a day, and reheat it for them at the student's request the following day. To avoid missed lunches, however, please look at your student's field trip schedule before ordering.

    Our awesome kitchen staff, affectionately known by students as Miss Mary and Mr. Tim, do a wonderful job keeping our snack counter filled with healthy snacks and fun treats for our students to purchase. Ms Mary and Mr Tim help our students make smart food choices at lunch and break, and ensure no one goes hungry at school. 
    Our Snack Counter accepts cash only purchases this year. Although cash has always been accepted, the lunch card system from last year is no longer in operation. 
    Please send cash with your students for purchasing items at the snack counter. Please note that the snack counter is primarily used by Middle and Upper School students at break and lunch, however, Lower school students do have the choice to purchase items at the snack counter at lunchtime only.
    Here is an example of offerings so you have an idea of how much money to send: 
    Morning Break -    (Middle and Upper School only)
    Egg & Cheese wholegrain Biscuit - 1.50
    Cream Cheese wholegrain Bagel - 1.50
    Chicken Patty wholegrain Bagel - 2.00
    All Day Snacks:
    Fresh Fruits - .50 - .75
    Assorted Fruit Cups - .75
    Fresh Veggie with Dip - .75 - 1.00
    Assortment of single serve Chip bags - .75
    Assortment of single serve Cookie & Crackers -.75 - 1.00
    Assortment of Yogurts - 1.00
    100% Apple or Grape Juice - 1.00
    1% White Milk - .75
    Fat Free Chocolate Milk - .75
    Bottle of Spring Water - .75
    Additional items All Day:
    Fresh House Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, Salad Crackers. Choice of Dressing - 5.00
    PBJ Peanut butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich - 1.75
    Cup of Soup, Rice Cups - 1.00 - 1.75
    Variety of Ice Cream Flavors - .75
    Middle and Upper School: Every Wednesday ~ Doughnut Day! - .75
    Middle and Upper School: Every Friday ~          Pretzel Day! -     1.00

Contact Juliet Harvey with any lunch ordering questions. (843) 524-3393 or jharvey@beaufortacademy.org