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Beaufort Academy's athletics' program emphasizes sportsmanship, teamwork, and individual growth. We believe that the experience of competing, developing lifelong skills and working toward a common goal is invaluable in the growth of a student. Being a student-athlete teaches time management by meeting the myriad expectations of teachers and coaches, and develops a sense of sportsmanship, fair play, the value of perseverance, practice, courage, sacrifice and supporting one’s teammates through team or individual adversity. The meaning of commitment is embodied through the experience of team athletics at Beaufort Academy.


Beaufort Academy offers the opportunity to participate and gain these valuable experiences by participating in Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Football, Baseball, Softball, Cheer, Archery, and Golf.  Teams compete through the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA).

BA’s teams are competitive at the Varsity, Junior Varsity and Middle School levels. At the Middle School level, our belief is that everyone should gain experience and skill development at this stage as competitors, by receiving ample playing time which is earned by strong effort and a positive attitude at all practices. At the Junior Varsity level, this is still a developmental stage, while the goal of winning becomes a higher objective as athletes prepare for the intensity of the Varsity level and competing for regional and state titles. At the JV level it is expected that everyone gets a chance to play, but playing time might not be as ample for each player as it was at the Middle School level. At the Varsity level, the emphasis is on the team working towards the common goal of winning. The expectation is that team members are focused, always coachable, and work hard to maximize their individual potential to help the team. Playing time is 100% earned at the Varsity level.

Last year, our BA Eagles won three state championships, had countless All Region/All State honors, and had over 85% of our varsity athletes classified as SCISA Scholar Athletes. We are currently practicing for the Fall season, and all off-season/summer workouts are by schedule only.

Please contact William Howell or your coach for information about how to join a team. All levels are encouraged to participate. There is an athletic participation fee of $100 per sport. The fee must be paid prior to participation, with a deadline to pay before first practice. 

Varsity Football (8th-12th), MS Football (5th-8th), JV Football (6th-10th), Swim (5th-12th), Cross Country (5th-12th), Varsity Girls Volleyball (8th-12th), JV Girls Volleyball (5th-10th), Girls Tennis (5th-12th), Cheerleading (6th-12th)

Varsity Girls Basketball (8th-12th), JV Girls Basketball (6th-10th),  Archery (6th-12th), Bowling (6th-12th), Varsity Boys Basketball (8th-12th), JV Boys Basketball (6th-10th), MS League Basketball (5rd-8th), Cheerleading (8th-12th)

Boys Tennis (6th-12th), Golf (6th-12th), Varsity Girls Soccer (8th-12th), Varsity Boys Soccer (8th-12th), Middle School Boys Soccer (5th-8th), Middle School Girls Soccer (5th-8th), JV Baseball (6th-10th), Varsity Softball (8th-12th)

In addition to the participation fee, there are several forms required to participate, including  an annual physical. If you received your last physical after April 1st, 2021, you will be cleared to participate for the entire 2021-2022 season. If you received your physical prior to that date, you are only good for 365 days from that date. All required SCISA athletic forms can be found linked in the right side tab. Please take the time to review the current athletic handbook in the sidebar and all necessary forms. It is very important for student-athletes, parents, staff, and coaches to be on the same page.


The following athletic forms are mandatory for participation:
    • Athletic Handbook (Reviewed)
    • Physical Evaluation Form
    • Agreement for Sports Participation Form
    • Warning of Inherent Risk Form
    • New Student Transfer Forms (required of any student-athlete who is NEW to BA this school year or who transfers after the start of the school year)
      • New Student Transfer Form (parent)
      • New Student Transfer Form (student) 
    • Concussion Awareness Form
    • Helmet Warning Form (Football only)


If a student rides with the team in Beaufort Academy transportation, they must ride back to the school the same way.  If a parent wants to pick up their child or have another family do so, the attached form must be completed and handed to the coach of that team. 
This form must be filled out every single time a student is riding home with someone else.  If there are three games next week and the student is riding home with a parent all three times, BA needs three forms. 
This is going to be a very strict policy.  If a parent is at an away game and wants to bring their child home, but has not filled out the form, the child will NOT ride home with that parent. 
If you have further questions, please email Athletic Director, William Howell at [email protected].
[email protected]
(843) 575-1356
(Limited tickets sold)
Adults: $8
 Ages 5 & UNDER: FREE
BA Student: $6
Please contact the finance department to enroll your student
Keep up with all the latest in sports and see our teams in action through BA's Blue & White Club's Facebook page

Volunteers are needed for the Blue & White Athletic Booster Club and Admission Gate. 
Volunteers play a vital role in BA athletic competitions. 

Please contact Patrick Mitchell (or Warren Richards (President, Blue & White Club) if you are interested in volunteering and have questions.  We are looking forward to a great sports season.  Thanks for your support!