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Beaufort Academy’s mission is to instill in students the intellectual curiosity and strength of character for success in all aspects of their lives. The school is committed to developing well-rounded critical thinkers that are prepared to be the problem-solvers and “Leaders of Tomorrow” within the framework of its rigorous academic environment and core values. Beaufort Academy seeks to inspire in each student a sense of responsibility to one’s self, the community, and the environment so that our students are positive contributors and leaders in the future.

The rigorous leadership inspired curriculum provides opportunities for honors and advanced placement courses as well as a wide range of elective courses. Beaufort Academy is dedicated to the expectation that graduates be able to read and write as critical thinkers, with writing skills that are concise, expressive, analytical and persuasive. The use of the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing model is continued from the middle grades through eleventh grade. Graduates are expected to be solid oral communicators as well, and to be active listeners who recognize the value of observation and serious use of both logic and creativity.

At Beaufort Academy, a full time college placement counselor guides Upper School students and their parents through the college application process. 100% of Beaufort Academy graduates matriculate to four-year colleges and universities and/or military. 

Beaufort Academy’s leadership inspired curriculum is interwoven with concepts such as self-awareness, critical thinking, collaboration and visioning.  Along with other self-management concepts, these principles are integrated into the curriculum of core classes starting in kindergarten and progressing through 12th grade.  Combined with an exploration of human development, information processing and collaborative functioning, the goal is to help students develop both an understanding and working knowledge of human interaction.  These courses are designed to provide a foundation for understanding and implementing leadership skills and models. Beginning in the 9th grade, students take the following leadership curriculum honors credit bearing courses:
  • Communication and Leadership  - 9th
  • Survey of Leadership  - 10th
  • Models of Leadership - 11th
  • Internship Week -  11th/12th   (not offered due to COVID-19)
As a college preparatory school, it is the school’s responsibility to prepare students in terms of study habits and critical thinking skills as well as fundamentals of core academic subject areas which will be of use in college and beyond. To that end, each student will be required to complete a minimum of 20 core courses while enrolled in the Upper School. Students begin earning credits toward graduation in their 9th grade year. A minimum of 20 credits is required for graduation.

Each student will be required to complete at minimum the following core distribution:

  • English: 4 Credits  
  • Mathematics: 4 Credits (Required: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry)
  • History: 3 Credits (Required: Government & Economics and U.S. History)
  • Science: 4 Credits (Required: Biology, Chemistry, and a third Lab Course)
  • Foreign Language: 2 Credits
  • Core Subject/AP/Electives: 3 Credits

    Recommended Credits
    • Fine Arts: 1 Credit
    • PE/Health: 1 Credit

A class rank, based on GPA using the SC UGP, is assigned to all upper school students at the end of each academic year beginning in grade 9, with the exception of transfer students who will be assigned a class rank after completion of their second consecutive year at Beaufort Academy. The school recognizes a valedictorian, salutatorian, and third honor graduate at its Commencement Ceremony. Students must earn an Honors Diploma and attend Beaufort Academy for their final two consecutive years in order to be eligible for the above designations. An Honors Diploma is awarded to graduating seniors who have successfully completed at least eight courses designated as honors or advanced placement and have a 4.0 GPA or higher. Due to the differences in quality of instruction, curriculum, and course weighting that exist from school to school, Beaufort Academy does not include any courses taken at other institutions on their official Beaufort Academy transcript.


Recent graduates have been offered admission to the following colleges and universities.
Colleges in bold indicate matriculation for the Class of 2023



  • 100% of our graduates have been accepted by four-year colleges and universities.

  • Last year, the class of 2023 received combined college scholarship and grant offers in excess of $6,800,000 per year, including Heritage Scholars, Rotary Scholarships, Kiwanis Scholarships, Palmetto Fellows and South Carolina LIFE Scholarships.

  • More than 75% of our Upper School students participate in school enrichment programs including interscholastic athletics, drama productions, chess club, quiz bowl, music programs and Interact.


While all students complete the same rigorous curriculum, we recognize some students with distinctive learning styles may need a few additional services in order to fully engage in a meaningful learning process, effectively utilize the best components of their distinctive learning styles, and productively pursue BA’s curriculum. Such services may be accessed through our learnings services department. 

To learn more about learning services at BA, click here. 

NOTE: Beaufort Academy does not create or accept Individual Educational Plans “IEPs” or other documents mandating special education plans.