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Summer Reading & Assignments

Summer is here and we encourage our BA eagles to read every day in an effort to strengthen their reading skills and keep their brain in shape!  One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate reading time in your family daily.  You can also support your child’s reading habit by supplying them with lots of books to read. Be sure to visit your public library or use one of the BA online resources that are free with your library card or BA login.

Lower School
  • There will not be specific summer reading assignments for grades K-4.  Be sure to visit the library for readings of their choice. The Beaufort County Library Summer Reading Program begins on June 19th, we encourage our students to participate!

  • 5th Grade (Mrs. Cox)
    • "Rules" by Cynthia Lord
      • Assignment: Create a character board based on the directions attached below. 

Middle School
  • 6th & 7th Grade ELA (Mrs. Aivaz)
    Over the summer, students should read a minimum of three books (or the equivalent of reading graphic novels, magazines, short stories, etc.) Be ready to share with the class at least one topic read about over the summer. I have also placed assignments on and khan academy on google classroom for students to practice. New students can contact me at: to be added to the sites.

    **For new students: We read the following books this past year; if you would like to read these it will be helpful as they will be referenced when we discuss literary elements:
    5th grade (rising 6th) "Hatchet" and "Boy on the Wooden Box"
    6th grade (rising 7th) "Stargirl" and "Google It: A History of Google"

  • 8th Grade ELA (Ms. Smith)
    • "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman
      • Assignment: Upon reading the novel, please complete the attached summer reading packet. The last three pages we will do together in class.
Upper School
  • English I & IH   (9th Grade)
  • English II & IIH   (10th Grade)
    • "Mythology" by Edith Hamilton
      • Assignment: See attached file below
  • English III   (11th Grade)
    • "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson
      • Assignment: See attached file below