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Rigorous Academic Standards & Leadership Curriculum


The small environment at Beaufort Academy allows our skilled teachers to meet each child at his or her level and guide each child to the highest attainable level. Students are provided individual attention each and every day and no student can “fall through the cracks.” Through this individual attention, teachers and students connect on a more personalized level and the family-like community is the result.


As students move through the program at Beaufort Academy, they learn in a way that builds their critical thinking skills. In depth analysis and higher order thinking are integral to what we do and how we prepare students for their future and not our past. Critical thinking is explicit in our courses on computer coding, technology, math, and science and implicit in all subject areas as we focus on quality of content and depth of knowledge as opposed to quantity and breadth.


In addition to being great thinkers, we want our students to be creative and imaginative. Projects that students work on throughout our program will have a creative element as well as an analysis element. Students are also encouraged to participate in performing groups, art classes, and dramatic productions. The world that awaits our students will require these skills, and we are committed to preparing them well for what lies ahead.


Through it all, we aim to inculcate the values of good citizenship in our students. Cross aged mentoring programs allow students in different divisions to connect and grow together. Older students are able to mentor younger children and set good examples of true character. Leadership and service opportunities allow students to meet challenges outside the classroom and to collaborate and develop resiliency.


In summary, we strive to graduate young men and women who are well prepared for the next steps in life. We provide a stable, safe, and nurturing environment in which each student is known, cared for, and loved.


Beaufort Academy’s leadership inspired curriculum is interwoven with concepts such as self-awareness, critical thinking, collaboration and visioning.  Along with other self-management concepts, these principles are integrated into the curriculum of core classes starting in kindergarten and progressing through 12th grade.  Combined with an exploration of human development, information processing and collaborative functioning, the goal is to help students develop both an understanding and working knowledge of human interaction.  These courses are designed to provide a foundation for understanding and implementing leadership skills and models.

Beginning in the 9th grade, students take the following leadership curriculum honors credit bearing courses:

  • Communication and Leadership  - 9th
  • Survey of Leadership  - 10th
  • Models of Leadership - 11th
  • Internship Week -  11th/12th   (not offered due to COVID-19)
“21st Century students need seven essential skills to be college and career ready:
  1. Critical thinking and problem solving;
  2. Collaboration across networks and leading by influence;
  3. Agility and adaptability;
  4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism;
  5. Effective oral and written communication;
  6. Assessing and Analyzing information;
  7. Curiosity and imagination.”

-Tony Wagner, Expert In Residence, Harvard University’s Innovation Lab