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Keeping Students Healthy On and Off Campus

Beyond properly executing Beaufort Academy's reopening plan, perhaps the most important part of maintaining a COVID-19 virus free school environment is what happens at home. It will be critical for parents to help control their students’ possible exposure while not at school. The best way to avoid exposure at school is to not bring it to campus in the first place. I realize I cannot control the decisions made within the family. However, I do strongly suggest that for the next few months the entire Beaufort Academy Family make safety its top priority. Continue to practice safe social distancing by avoiding large groups, practice hand-washing, and wear a face covering. Please reiterate to your children how important it is to follow these guidelines for the safety of all. Granted, there will be some unpopular sacrifices (avoiding social gatherings, wearing a mask in public, etc.). However, if we are to stay open for on-campus instruction, those sacrifices must be made. Remember, sacrifices made today give us a better chance of remaining open.
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