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Parent Testimonials
"BA has been a game changer for my son and the best last-minute, leap of faith decision I’ve ever made.  Different children need different things to succeed.  This school and the staff think outside of the box when it comes to your child’s needs.  Teaching, problem-solving, discipline (yes, he has needed some of that) is molded specifically for that child.  I love the freedom that a small school has to cater to the individual student and family.  From day one, we have felt welcome and cared for by the Teachers, Administrative and Support Staff, PTO, Coaches, and Parents.  I can’t say enough great things about this school and why we are so proud to be a part of the BA family!"
-Sheila & Kevin Peeples, BA Parents

"From the moment our family walked on to the Beaufort Academy campus we knew we were home, we had found the school for our family.  With all the moves my children had made with being a military family we needed a school that would value their past academic achievements and honor them in a safe and encouraging environment.  Not only did they work with our children on an individual academic basis but they also continued to strengthen and build on their strong academic foundation from which they came. BA made the transition of moving to a new school seamless and effortless and we are forever grateful.  Not only are we a part of the BA family but our transition to life in Beaufort has been wonderful and that is all in part to our family at BA.  The academic excellence we demand for our family is clearly delivered every day at BA and we know our children will succeed in their academic pursuits from their experience and education they are receiving from BA."
-Colonel R. D. & Mary James Cooper, BA Parents

“Beaufort Academy was the ideal school for me because it allowed me to learn how to study, interact with teachers, ask for help, and get the one on one attention that I needed. While the academics challenged me, I learned how to balance after school activities, such as sports, and hold leadership positions.  These skills enabled me to excel in college. I was able to thrive in a new setting.“
-Laura Roddey, BA Alum ‘13

“Our son has attended Beaufort Academy for the past 11 years because he has thrived in BA’s unique environment.  Smaller classes mean not only more individualized attention, but also deeper personal relationships between teachers and students.  His teachers know him well – how he learns, what challenges him, and what will enable him to be successful.  Furthermore, through a wide variety of special programs, events and extracurricular activities, BA provides him numerous opportunities to learn and implement important life skills, including responsibility, leadership, and integrity.  It is obvious to us Beaufort Academy is focused on the health of the whole child and ensuring they are well prepared, not only for college, but for all life offers.  We continue to choose BA for our son because it enables him to achieve his fullest potential.”
-Jack & Courtney Worrell, BA Parents

"This is our son's first year there! We are looking forward to it! Very impressed with the one on one attention and teachers/administrators dedication!"
-Lottie Campanella, BA Parent

“As a parent of three children attending Beaufort Academy, I could not be happier with the level of education they are receiving. All three are drastically different in their learning style, artistic talent, and athletic ability.  My oldest has been able to thrive in a variety of leadership roles ranging from the myriad of sports she plays, to representing her school as an ambassador.  My son has also been able to thrive in an environment that is welcoming and reassuring, while teaching the critical thinking skills that are necessary to succeed in college and beyond.  All three of my children are thriving and taking full advantage of a school that focuses on demanding scholastic and athletic programs, respect for others and leadership opportunities that will serve as their compass through life. “
-Scott & Katie Huebel, BA Parents

"My daughter has been here since K...and she and our family have loved every minute. The teachers and staff are bar none THE best I've ever had. I wish I could go there!"
-Marriott Oakes Loret, Past BA Parent
"An institute of excellence."
-Pastora Sory E. Reyes